Fun with Kids


Summer is on its way: the days are lengthening and soon the nights will be warm enough to let the kids stay up late outdoors. Stargazing is the perfect summer country activity: go out together after dark; find the most open, treeless area you can; get lost in all that immensity. Do it more than once. Teach older kids (and yourself) how to identify a few major constellations; later, read the Greek myths upon which they are based. Show preschool kids that the stars make “connect-the-dots” pictures, and let them make their own constellations on paper. Toddlers get bonus points for spotting fireflies along the way. Here are a handful of ways (some of them free) to give your budding astronomers a greater love and knowledge of the starry sky:

Print a simplified (and poster-worthy) summer constellation map for your littler star enthusiasts | Mr. Printables

For more advanced astronomy students, detailed sky maps are updated monthly and are available as a free download | Sky Maps

“Skymaster” giant binoculars are a great, less fussy alternative to the traditional telescope and are easier for kids to manage | Celestron

The Starry Starry Day Activity Kits allow you to stargaze during the day or when the nights are cloudy | Nature Watch

This kid-friendly Map of the Moon poster makes a great (free) addition to the bedroom or playroom wall | Mr. Printables

Add a few of these elegant vintage star map prints to your decor, and they will remind you of your stargazing adventures all year round | Antique Print Store